Monday, January 16, 2012


Art Appreciation

A thing I like to do is read the Times
Friday edition Saturday, early,
cup of coffee in my favorite mug,

the one without a handle, late to the
party in section A, a grim gala
in the best of times.  I stay long enough

to be polite, blending easily with
the small clutch of glum souls that orbit the
obits and Paul Krugman.  Art and Design

next and not a moment too soon, where the
news is about Damien Hirst, his three-
hundred-plus Spot Paintings hanging in ten-

plus galleries in eight cities on three
continents excluding Antarctica.
Perhaps Emperor Penguins just won’t buy

all those painted colored spots on snow white
canvas.  Savvy birds, they mingle in their
frozen gallery and murmur softly,

pleased by the simple landscape rendered in
monochromatic tones, dressed to the nines,
indifferent to the latest flavor. 


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