Monday, February 13, 2012

Leaving Chicago

Leaving Chicago

Chicago must look awfully
inviting from the bleak landscape
of the polar bear exhibit, a
red herring when you consider his
million dollar view of the Loop
belies the fact that just behind him,

beyond the bowl of faux bedrock, Lake
Shore Drive and the egalitarian
health club lure of the water front

freedom beckons.  Provided our bear
can work out the details of a classic
Hollywood escape concealed in a

hamper piled high with snow white linen,
resist the siren song of Milwaukee
and the Dells beyond, once he gets his

bearings nothing stands between him and
home.  My only advice besides the
usual caution against high season

rates on Mackinac Island would be
always keep Canada on your left,
a deceptively simple rule

to ward off the wags in Detroit who
never tire of reminding
anyone who will listen that the

Motor City is north of it's frozen
neighbor.  He might feel a twinge of
regret as he bids adieu to Gaspe,

Gulf of St. Lawrence ahead,
treading water for a moment, alone
with his bittersweet memories

of Lincoln Park tucked agreeably
between the Miracle Mile and
Wrigley Field, swarming with twenty

something’s talking easily at small
outdoor tables, warm for April, a
long pause before heading out to sea. 

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