Saturday, February 4, 2012


Dawn Drawn Using the Reductive Method

Not the best view, from here in the front row
of the back room that juts into the yard,
but not bad, warm behind windows framing
blackened pictures, nighttime thickly rendered
in soft charcoal applied in quick even
strokes, warp and weft, worked deep into the tooth
by a careful hand with a feel for shape,
line and value, big forms blocked out first,
composition balanced, unified by
negative space, finger working quickly,
carbon loaded softened chamois bringing
out the mid tones, rhythm emerging, the
ragged edges of trees, bold oblique
lines of my neighbors roofs, details refined,
edits made with a range of erasers,
warm, pulled kneaded, sharp edged pink and
the pointy pencil modal, perfect tool
to highlight my gratitude for a brand
new day, yet another messy drawing. 

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