Tuesday, July 10, 2012

background music


Brushes on a snare head played adagietto
or poorly tuned banjo strings strummed
adagissimo with low laconic
trumpet fills set the proper tone for that

endless walk from bed to coffee cup,
a mote of glockenspiel here and there, a
bridge to the feathery tabernacle
choir alight in the gathered looming

trees that lean in toward the pocket porch,
natty barber shop quartet in matching
jackets of sycamore bark,  jittery
rhythm section of squirrels running scales

allegretto up and down their papery
lapels signifies a change in tempo,
perhaps the introduction of a clave
stabbing blindly at the round clear tones oozing

from a brace of oboes marching enfatico
beneath the crisp flapping banners of a
Kottke tune, Vaseline Machine Gun as luck
would have it, stitching the dirt in my wake

with staccato rounds that trace my descent
into days final movement, the piece played
improvvisando, only a touch lugubre;
Grand Pause exhaling in fading fermata. 

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