Friday, September 14, 2012

Year of the Horse

Crazy Horse Waits For Neil Young

Working their way through the Harvard Classics
half moon reading glasses perched precariously
on their noses, dozing off from time to time,
myoclonic twitches jolting hands and feet
that pine to plug in and mark time, dreaming

of that bait shop in the Maldives with a cooler
full of Bud where a man could do some combing
on the beach and wait for the sea to rise
or the pending call that sends them up the attic
stairs on a frantic search for their carry on

luggage and the worn out Converse and that  
lucky tee shirt from Rust Never Sleeps.  Never
a doubt, not one; well maybe a few but
the changes and chords will come wandering back
and the chorus to Fuckin’ Up practically

sings itself yet, in the meantime the checkbook
needs attention and a grandson’s home from Helmand
and isn’t the Lipitor running low? 
Two chapters left in Moby Dick, they eye the
phone convinced tonight’s the night. 

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