Thursday, October 18, 2012

Awesome sonnet!

I Love You More Than

I’d walk a mile on the bottom
of the sea or river deep, mountain

high remain sound professions of love.
Even a vow to crawl across

the burning desert or be a willing
fool still hold water in some circles

I suppose, a cinch-tight bucket that must
include all those allusions to a love

greater than life itself or anything
uttered by Barry White including the

prosaic, be a good girl baby and
pass the salt.  But as declarations go,

going all the way back to Body and Soul
and Sinatra’s take on Cherry Pies Ought

To Be You, they’re dated as your uncle’s
banjo or fatback bacon and eggs,

nothing that a fresh coat of shellac
or a brand new set of steel-belted

radials wouldn’t fix, so to speak.  Try,
I would rip open all the clam shell

low-density polyethylene
packaging in China with my teeth  

for instance or girl I’m gonna friend you
till your back ain’t got no bone next time

you’re down on one knee casting about for
a really awesome term of endearment. 

Me?  Call me old fashioned but I’m still
partial to that old chestnut, the one

my daddy and his daddy and his
daddy before him used to great effect:

I love you like a caterpillar loves
slow, eeny, meeny and miny love moe,
a wide muddy river loves the sea,
for your love a big old dancing bear I’d be.

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