Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Give 'em enough rope

Secrets of the Indian Rope Trick

They throw shadows all over town,
thin as whips, endless
as an all you can eat lunch buffet
with passable biryani and bottomless
naan, taut as sitar strings pitched in tuneless
drone, puddled frayed ends on the ground
abruptly ascending heavenward
as if tethered weather balloons
by the score bobbed in the pond
at the edge of the stratosphere
or God in His infinite wisdom
took the afternoon off to go fishing,
tending all those faith-baited lines
with eyes closed
cooler at hand
an old Righteous Brothers tune. 

The secrets of the Indian Rope Trick
as practiced by mystics
in the old British Raj
are revealed at last
in a downloadable app,
the only caveat
buried at the bottom
of an interminably long scroll
through the Terms and Conditions disclaimer,
a journey infinitely longer
than the plunge from the top;
the mystics having mastered
the art of shimmying hands-free
up an enchanted line
into a cloudless sky.

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