Friday, March 29, 2013

Call Housekeeping

Custodians Creed

Lord Spare Us!
arrives day in, day out
a steady dribble swollen to raging torrent
to drips and drabs
round and round
so on and so on and so on and so on
thronging the rope line
craning to glimpse
the turnstiles and restrooms
swanning about the gift shop
palming gold plated tchotchkes
humming along
to hushed harp piped in
to lubricate sales
the sour bite
of a stolen glance
at a wristwatch
pursed lips
echo of tapping feet in the terminal
little details I notice in passing
Me, content in coveralls
guiding this utility cart
weaving in and out
of milling petitions  
anxious to make their connections
while I waltz a mop
through the concourse bathrooms
striving to make a difference
in My own small omnipotent way. 

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