Wednesday, November 6, 2013

dawn to dusk

New Dawn

Wouldn’t it be nice if, for a change
Dawn arrives FedEx Standard Overnight
With a knock that detonates the dog
Tri-fold blades tucked, just so, inside
A slippery wing of envelope
To taxi on the table while I nurse
Coffee in the prop wash and
Gaze off through the window
At the matte black plat of backyard, maybe
Goldbrick the back folded crossword
Taking my good old
Pencil tapping
Dad gum
Sweet time
To tease free a corner for a
Sneak a peek at the coming day.

Dawn, after all those years of breaking
the crack that always needed mending
squirreled away for later, safe
in my bathrobe pocket
where I’m liable to forget all about it
waiting on dusk to ease
up to the platform behind
the warm cork of an evening breeze.

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