Thursday, January 16, 2014

Turn Up Your Radio

Radio Silence

Fewer people have used a gun purchased
legally to commit a crime in this
country than the number of people
named Lester, the man said in rebuttal
in a civil debate on NPR
while a deep chasm yawned on the left side
of the road, black ice and white knuckles
paving our way into the Kentucky morning.

Perhaps I could turn back the clock if I
drove in reverse at a high rate speed,
Tennessee in the rear view mirror
much closer than it appeared, scattering
semis, scanning the dial for another
station maybe twenty-four hour
all sports talk or The Morning Zoo Crew
out of Louisville, even some preacher
speaking in a cadence so grating old
Satan himself would vow to go straight
in exchange for some radio silence.    

Ohio rolls over and flattens out
the hills for us but what’s done is done
a good and decent name forever besmirched
with an outlaw taint but Michigan
offers absolution at the first
available rest stop where I fall to
my knees and plead for forgiveness from
Messrs. Maddox, Flat and Young
adding, as an afterthought, Willy
Tyler’s wisecracking wooden dummy.   


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