Monday, May 12, 2014

Gallery talk

Manatee’s On Mushrooms

What would Martin Lewis make
Of your take on Shadow Magic, 1939?
Maybe muster a rejoinder to “that would be soooo awesome”
Booming round the gallery
“to draw that good”, uttered a full beat ahead of

“Museums pay real good money, but . . .”
Half beat, then the caveat
“Prolly only if you’re famous”.
Perhaps he would make an incisive
Argument on behalf of the finer points

Of intaglio to the pretty young girl
Trailing silently in your wake, only
Half-listening, lingering before Ha’nted, 1932
Hips canted, weight exquisitely meted to one leg
While you dismissed a Burchfield

In favor of greener museum grass in Chicago.
What would Martin Lewis make
Of your claim, hailed from the gallery
Rafters, that manatee’s at Shedd Aquarium
Are best viewed on mushrooms? 

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