Thursday, December 11, 2014

Travel tip


Atchley and Parrot and Bird
Clabough and Helton and Kerr
Huskey and Blevins and Huff
Ogle and Reagan and Wear
Blankenship, Burchfield and Nave
Patterson, Hatcher and Teague
Owenby, Loveday and Sharp
Murphy McMahan and McCall
Harding (now spelled Hardin)

Turn up in Denver on signs at the airport
Sharpied on shirt board near baggage claim
On the faculty directory of the University of Nevada
Las Vegas under College of Life Sciences
You’ll spot them scrolling up or crawling
Right to left along the bottom of a screen
Gaffer grip or best boy a perpetrator victim or both
When they’re not affixed to a camo tunic
In Kandahar or embossed on plastic pinned
To the chest of an associate at the Dollar Tree in Wapakoneta
Look for them when you’re reading the liner notes
On the inner sleeve of your dad’s pristine vinyl
Booker T and the MG’s or a June 14 2008
People in the dermatologist’s waiting room
Now and then they’ll turn up in December
At Nobel time but you’re more likely to run
Into one taped below the grimy lobby buzzer
Of a studio apartment in Lincoln Park or fifth
On the waiting list at Applebee’s in King of Prussia
Wednesday evening party of eight including
Wheelchair and booster seat

But next time you’re passing through
Abandon Dolly Parton
Parkway for Court Avenue
Bruce and Church and Cherry and Grace
Gary Wade Avenue and Frog Alley
The colored trace they called it 
Perhaps they do still
Henderson Chapel in the oxbow
Of the Little Pigeon
The old live oak orphanage
Catter corner from Cas Walker’s reborn
As a Department of Social Services
One Stop the Cloth Shop a bistro
Run by a woman from lower Manhattan
Look askance and you might
Catch a glimpse at the periphery
Ogle leaching lead paint
From soft brick
Into a hot July morning
Blalock shouldering gravel
Up a grade on the door
Of a dusty red dump
Harding (now spelled Hardin)
Leaning in relief on sugary dominos
Melting in Henderson Chapel boneyard

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