Monday, August 17, 2015

Off color

Science Film

Summers greens and blues
Crème brulee shoulder
A pillow for the blush

Of a cheek when you fell
Asleep on that autumn drive
Through the tunnel of trees

Up from Harbor Springs 
Imperial Red 1984
Mercedes SL ragtop  

Coughing blue smoke
Straddling the yellow line
On the tightest curves

Relentless color that makes
Me long for black and white
Grade school reel to reel

Science films run through
Rackety post war projectors
Motes of chalk dust dancing

In cones of flickering light
The Can-Do voice-overs
Men who wore pie plate headphones

Slick with Brylcreem  
Landfills of Lucky Strike  
Butts spilling over the lips

Of ashtrays - half a pack per take
Fueled by black coffee
Backed with a bump, to a man

Hugh Downs wannabes 
To some second rate Jack Paar
In some Mid-Atlantic market.

Leaves school in binary shimmer
On the eternal summer breeze that
Blows through our film, whether

An introduction to photosynthesis or
The metamorphosis of butterflies, it hardly
Matters to you in gingham or me

In dungarees, platinum hair whipping
About our faces, sky a china white
Behind ivory billows of cumulus clouds

Framed forever dimpled and laughing
Milkweed exploding from our fingers like secrets
Shared in alabaster sign language. 

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