Friday, October 23, 2015


Bear With Heart

Tags sewn into your seams
Overseas humbled you even
Before you arrived in numbers

Fanning out to Walgreens
Coast to coast finally
Making your way

To mothers cluttered night
Stand next to her death bed
Jostling with molted TED hose

A forlorn incentive
Barber pole striped 

Candy milling aimless 
Across a signed glossy of Elvis
Who just happened to drop

By the nursing home in August.
A purple plush
Sporting a smart red jacket

Paired with a potent
Symbol of St. Valentine
Proved irresistible

To two solemn shift
Aides, girls in their late teens
Whose job it was to arrange

The body in tableau
While I got some air and made
The necessary phone calls. 

How else to explain how 
Two such as you had come to be
In the trunk of a rental car

At McGhee-Tyson Airport
Where you were stashed after
I plucked you from the casket

Looking bereft and broken
Slumped there beside her
Carefully folded hands. 

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