Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Standpipe: Delivering Water In Flint

A middle age man with rheumy eyes says water to his house is cut off.  He wants all the water we can spare.  He’s keen to find his cell phone, bellows to a guy across the street, maybe did he leave it there?  He waves a dog eared file folder stuffed with clippings, legal documents and medical reports.  Says the water made him sick, shows us a discolored leg, mottled flesh on his belly below the belt line.  Brandishes the found phone triumphant, taps.  Here’s his interview last winter with a reporter from the Detroit Free Press, some photos.  He swipes through dozens of pictures taken at local rallies, protests and public meetings.  We leave him with eight cases of water, wish him the very best of luck.  He holds forth in the street, receding until we lose sight of him around the next corner. 

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