Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Tig Coili

Gerry Mulholland sings
I come looking for a job
but I get no offers
just a come on from the whores
on Seventh Avenue
from a table top
on a borrowed guitar while
Johnnie Mullins adds in on
button accordion and harmony
rhyming whores with Dewars
so soft so sweet whats left 
to be done but smile 
into this glass of Redbreast. 

Friday, September 23, 2016



Remember North Manitou
years ago?,  pressed up against
the portside window
on an overnight flight to Dublin,
spilling dye downtown
above the left field bleachers,
finger painting the suburban skies
of my childhood racing
to beat the streetlights,
floating fire on Lake Superior
too many times to count, Malibu
two nights one July,
sashaying drunk on magenta, 
going off to pout in the dark
when I called you a show off.
You’ve seen me at my worst,
I know your all your florid secrets,
little wonder we’ve grown
to resemble one another,
incandescent palettes leached
wicking gunmetal horizons. 


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

walking the dog

Sixth and Alexander

A temporal fold
at the northeast corner
I never bother

to map, a cleft, benign
despite the dogs 
lingering skittishness,

to drain off
all but the moment,
we slip inside

to shed this load
our house a yellow beacon
through a veil.