Thursday, December 1, 2011



E.T. left Elliot to
return nevermore.
Goodbye to Reese’s Pieces and
pre-rehab Drew Barrymore.

Dorothy said goodbye to Oz,
good thing she kept the shoes.
Farewell to Lion, Scarecrow, Tin Man
and that old green witches blues.

See you later alligator”,
Calvin, grown, said to Hobbes.
One last pounce for old time sake”,
the tiger roared through awful sobs.

Abercrombie waved goodbye to Fitch,
I’ll miss you, this I know”.
Your battered pants that cost a mint,
And modals with no clothes.

Snow White shared a cottage
with seven little men.
Gooseberry pie and mending
til poison did her in.
They sealed her tight in Tupperware
the better for to keep,
Till she awoke with a princes’ kiss,
and left Bashful home to weep.
Adios you picture books,
bedtime in a lap,
What Do You Do With A Kangaroo?
and the monkeys and the caps.
Read me more Shel Silverstein”,
his poems were always plumbs,
again and again and again and again
the one ‘bout sucking thumbs.

Someone’s always leaving,
On planes or trains or tugs,
But it breaks our hearts when they drive
away in bright orange ragtop Bugs.

Time to say goodbye to high school,
childhood, us! for goodness sake.
Just remember: no dating football players
when you get to Michigan State.


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