Saturday, January 21, 2012

Drawing 101

Drawing 101

I wonder if I kept that
self-portrait from my
first college art class, contour

in pencil, peering
into a mirror, on sketch
bond.  Dave Barr, he would

have to be, what, in
his seventies by now, my
first acquaintance with

a practicing artist, one
with a studio
and ideas that woke him up

mornings.  The twist, I
recall, was to render ones’
face as it might look

forty years in the future,
warts and all, as they
say.  As if by magic I’ve

arrived, suddenly,
at my destination, the
one I predicted  

using only line to map
sagging jowls, face etched
and a nose grown to epic

proportion.  At least
that’s how I remember it,
a masterpiece of

draftsmanship that captured the
soul of its subject,
a man rendered in short hand,

his gaze bewildered
when I was going for a
bemused detachment.   

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