Friday, January 13, 2012


Darkness Falls

Lights are winking out in towns and cities
on either side of the Mississippi,
the banks so dark Huck and Jim would have no

trouble hiding their raft among the stands
of bulrushes before lighting out for
the territories, now as then, unlit,

and dirt poor.  When the sun goes down we will
go for a walk downtown, glowing island
in the middle of a sea of dark streets,

minor characters in a cash strapped
run of Our Town.  The Stage Manager (Paul
Newman in the role) will announce us then

usher us off stage-right to make room for
Constable Warren, patrolling the pitch
black night.  Times were simpler then and could be

again by the looks of things.  I’ll hold your
hand as we push on into the velvet
night, a torch in the other, burning pitch

held high to light our way home where
we’ll bolt the shutters and boil our water
and huddle, waiting for the sun to rise. 

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