Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Goodluck Jonathan

Hands down, Goodluck Jonathan has the best
name of any premier, leader or head
of state, even taking into account

Ghengis Khan and his brother Don.  Sever
good from luck, slip in a comma, you have
a blessing fit for an astronaut, bride

or groom.  The part we don’t say, you’re going
to need it, provides context and a sense
of urgency to a rote, otherwise

tepid aphorism.  No doubt Goodluck
Jonathan knew that going in.  If it
works in Abuja, why not here, why not

Have A Great Day Romney, or Don’t
Take Any Wooden Nickles Newt
or Stop To Smell The Roses Rick or

my personal favorite, Sometimes You
Feel Like A Nut Ron?  With any luck No
Drama Obama will keep his job and

I’m sure Goodluck Jonathan would tell him,
"I wish you the very best of luck my
friend, you’re going to need all you can get."

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