Saturday, January 7, 2012



Would Kesey’s trip have been any less long
and strange on a bus named Yonder?  Old Bluebird
ferrying Pranksters from here to there, the
vibe relaxed, unhurried,

Boomers at ease, anticipating an agreeable
retirement when at last they would declare
they would go no

An amiable adjective, yonder.  It wouldn’t look
out of place chiseled on a headstone or bent
in neon loops, glowing softly in a café window.  Sure
beats Applebee’s. 

The kind of word you might spot at a cocktail
party, talking easily, huddled with other
bygone gems like

By and By, Fetching and Horse Sense.  Yonder,
calling it an early evening, a work night,
waving as it wanders off into the

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