Monday, February 6, 2012

Day Takes Shape

Day Takes Shape

Today is shaping up to be
a regular roundabout
a dog chasing it’s tail
a roulette wheel
a rolling purple donut

even the skillet into which I stare
heats up
over a ring of blue flame

while I roll
two white eggs
in my hand
on the verge of
cracking them neatly
to keep the yolks
intact, yellow orbs
framed in white
on a black background

freeing me to smear
butter on disks of toast
everything contained on
a plate next to a cup
resting on a table
planes askew like a
Cezanne still life

a morning without edges
or corners or right angles
a day in which I will
simply hang around until
the circle closes
and I make the round
trip back to bed
where I will dream
my loopy ovoid dreams

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