Friday, March 9, 2012

A Meditation On Davos

A Meditation On Davos

There’s fences to mend and melons to rind

goldfish to tend and geysers to time

the mood isn’t right the phone banks been robbed

these excuses are slight, dud grenades that I’ve lobbed

at the hardened pillboxes and impregnable redoubts

of the canny old foxes, their persistent bale shout outs

Herr Schwab is the worst he won’t leave me be

pledging shoe shines and wurst, Cross pen sets all free

for the taking mine with no questions asked

these fellows aren’t faking yet I take them to task

who wants to rub shoulders with Bill, Mick and Merkel

burdened with folders it’s just not my circle

yet the parties sound fun, I hear the music is jumping

I could soak up the sun, stock tips, those worth dumping

eat lots of Swiss cheese, climb a mountain then nap some

thin air makes me wheeze but I’d be versed on Higgs bosun. 

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