Thursday, April 26, 2012

good advice

Secret Of Walking Dogless

Go east on Sixth.  Keep the clip brisk, a trick
dear to dogless walkers; hands that long for
Snapping twanging leashes bereft, empty,
Retreat to deep jacket pockets searching

for the missing Milkbone, clenching themselves
into dormant balls.  Fetch! Retrieve them, set
them swinging in brash arcs, fingers popping
keeping time to something upbeat, punchy

lodged in your head.  North now on Wilson Street
through old growth neighborhoods sprouting new buds
Here and there; tear downs hauled away, fresh sod
unrolled, wending your way at last to the

gates of Oak View where you can drop the act
at last and stroll among the squat graven
slabs away from prying eyes, safe among
friends, hand extended in exult charade.

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