Wednesday, May 23, 2012

laboring in the hereafter

Dry Stone Wall

I emptied my lungs laced a stone snug eying
the pile for the next one destined by shape
and size rocking back on my heels in the

gaping maw of the famished snake uncoiled
gracefully across the undulating
landscape leisurely savoring each and

every morsel nestled there in the leafy
wrack flicking tail lost at the vanishing
point where the low ridge shoulders a stole of

smudged trees then took a deep breath that hitched on
my first word in this new place these autumn
woods my calloused hands voice betraying my

sheer surprise awakening in the sweet
by-and-by to eternal rhythmic labor
taking a moment to recall my last

banalities, marvel at the leaves fired
by the setting sun and dream of you there
just out of reach behind this dry stone wall.

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