Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Voting ourselves into oblivion

Requiem For The Common Weal

Let’s drive a stake through the blackened heart
Of the Common Weal, We the People, fervid  
Eager Beavers keen to please our savvy Well-
Heeled God, Father Son and Holy Ghost, Inc.
Benevolent Wolves gathering together
the lathered multitudes of trusting sheep
for the splashy roll out of Armageddon
a highly leveraged integrated
multi-platform production assembled
overseas; one Bright Shiny Amulet for all
squirreled away in the pocket of every
man women and child, a smooth cool something
to finger while we brandish the other hand
in stiff armed salute, faces aglow
in the blinding light of the bonfire,
our Better Natures wafting skyward,
bathing us in His Righteousness until
the fuel runs out casting us into darkness
noticing, as if for the first time,
the silent closing ring of paired red eyes.  

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