Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Awakened by birds

Poems At Dawn

Through my open window they proclaim the
return of their fiery avian
god resurrected daily, filling my room

with waxing light to illuminate all
these darting and flitting notes of birdsong,
a wave of cunning invaders that rush

the bloodless breach to infect the swelling
crescendo of my dreams, a clear running
brook garbling the name of every smooth

stone caressed on its way down to the sea,
a musical coda in a foreign
tongue yet another night's mute witness

to this messy business, the purging of
my soul in preparation for a brand
new day; the first order of business to

lay here and speculate on their hopeful
call and response: an invitation to
eat or mate perhaps or a fervent prayer

to save the world from the likes of us at
least for one more day, but settle on the
unsettling possibility that they’ve

been feeding me poems at dawn, perched here in
my nest, eye on the sky, the beat of a
wing - promise of another juicy worm.

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