Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Theme park


Peel back the clear acetate overlays
one jam-packed page at a time; seven lane 
arteries, skeletal utility
towers loitering around lopped hilltops
capped with a church or a walmart, great cooled
hangers filled with milling souls waiting to
board flights of fancy, soaring cathedrals
to St. Elvis who died for our sins, the
endless buffet lines that, laid end to end,
would stretch all the way to the Creation
Museum and back, to reveal a range
of blue mountains, backdrop for two horses
standing nose to tail in a field next to
a road, just a few strands of barbed wire
between us, bottle green flies thick around
flaring nostrils and glistening brown eyes,
motionless except for switching tails that
sweep their big open faces clean if just
for a moment, posed eternal tableau. 

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