Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Duck Soup

Studies show wearing a pair makes one less
likely to rocket
their own people in
their beds walk into
a café at noon
wearing a vest of
explosives and ball
bearings cut wages
to increase share price
wipe whole villages
off the map spark a
preemptive war take
away citizens
right to vote preserve
tax breaks for wealthy
people use rape as
a weapon of war
govern from holy
books deny science
persecute people
for who they invite
into their beds kill
the parents and turn
the children into
soldiers make oceans
of money on both
the upside and the
downside while the rest
of us cover their
bets shield coaches and
priests to protect the
institution turn
warfare into a
droning video
game muzzle nuns keep
girls from going to
school mask racism
behind a veil of
rhetoric embrace
corporations as
people claim God as
their free pass to grind
others into dust
methodically and
cynically starve the
public schools and what’s
left of the social
safety net purely
for political
gain burn carbon like
there’s no tomorrow
conflate guns God and
fear of the Other
kill over fine points
of dogma invite
corporations to
shit in their bed and
stick them with all the
dirty laundry preach
hate demonize the
Common Weal squeeze the
poor middle class boast 
of their absolute 
certainty elect
surrogates for big
corporations slap 
crooked bankers on
the wrist, a nice pair
of Groucho glasses, one for every man
women and child on this crazy planet.

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