Thursday, August 16, 2012

Squirrel tale

The World You Gave Up, In A Nutshell

The vascular map of sheathed copper wire
coursing through a hallelujah chorus

of twining branches tapering off in
creamy sunlight, swaying elevated

roadbed touching down here and there, dipping
a toe in a thousand small ponds, bearing

the innocent up in Holy Rapture
to hover high above the tribulations

of murderous cats and indifferent steel
belted radial tires, a wondrous

transit system.  Have I mentioned the nuts?
The ones you’ll never bury in a fever

of industry only to forget their
exact location, an act of faith sure

to hearten the gods who abandoned you
and shanghaied me to usher you on to

the next world, heaven perhaps, the trees alive
with the likes of me eyeing the skies for

goshawks, gazing down on you, rapt, buried
treasure map anchored by a good glass of wine. 

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