Monday, August 27, 2012

Star gazing

Stars From North Manitou

Slender driftwood femur stabs the sand, marks our spot
small rotating claim
just out of reach

lapping notes played delicato, hushed windward stage bathed
in blazing molten honey
sweet on halting tongues
throats burning with pleas cast like flat stones

that dance away and slice the waves,
drawing beads of cobalt blood
that gather overhead.

Words, only words to the spider
already hard at work at the forked pinnacle of driftwood
thrust high into the band of prey orbiting above the beach
tacking an elegant array of spot welds
wielding slender batons in concert
rendering a precise constellation,
the only mantle of stars that matter to her. 

By morning she’s gone
bare driftwood marker
casting a long shadow
toward South Manitou
and you, still asleep in
a fold of dune beneath
the stars concealed in
mornings runny yolk. 

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