Wednesday, September 19, 2012

No surprise

We Are The Forty-Seven Percent

Surprised?  The way we're surprised when morning
follows night, at fuzz on a peach, the sea seeks
the moon, coffee keeps us up, lions eat
their kill, hens lay eggs, eggs beget chickens,

pencils go dull, fox sox box, sourdough
rises, stocks fall, the dog's wet nose, morning
dew, money talks, glass cracks, the haunting past,
Ellington swings, the knuckleball breaks, our

dad’s face in the mirror, mesmerizing
screens, bee's make honey, wine from grapes, the stroke
of a brush, the turn of a phrase, a well
turned leg, thirst and hunger, doubt and fear, am

I surprised?  The way I’m surprised when we
ignore the past, bow down to magic, see
Black or White, fall prey to fear; the prowling
mob bays for blood, bestows the crown of blame.

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