Thursday, October 11, 2012

audience of one

A Performance By Odyssey Works

By the day of abduction just after
dinner, the husk of my hammock dangling
light on the chain, deft guiding hands of my
captors like mindful tugs at the water
line easing me out to sea, my debris

field had been mapped, loose marbles counted,
an audience of one in a full house
of actors who held all the cards and dealt
dizzying hands from the bottom of the
deck to unmoor line from cleat and set me

drifting, discombobulation mind you
the destination, like a whirl on the
Salt and Pepper Shaker or a wizened
mushroom popped on a pueblo scattered
across the flat plateau of a mesa

much like this one where I perch past sundown
to await the arrival of broadcast
stars across the rich black bottom land of
heaven and the next big surprise in this  
composition, the book I’ve been reading

surreptitiously replaced perhaps with
a copy in which the vowels gradually
disappear with each succeeding page or
dinner and drinks in some out of the way
place with my long dead father, our waiter,

the barman, everyone in the joint
in on the fix, each and every detail
down to the hand tooled cowboy boots of my
dining companion perfect, even the
sad shade I detect in his twinkling eyes.

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