Saturday, November 10, 2012

The wrong address

Two Doors Down

The hardware store just two doors down
another garage project
sisal twine and thread tape
an easy out bit and a new bulb
for your drop light
maybe a pair
Of ox hide gloves.
                                                Lapse into
a camber fugue
                                                down the fastener aisle
Gallery with walls creamy and cool
as the inside of a milk carton
drained dry
by the light
of the fridge
at three a.m.
in early February.

You shot your cuffs
to Ape the man that
Dogged you in the plate
glass windows
reason enough
to lose your way
walk right past
the door to Weir’s
a gesture barely registered
by Old Man W
dozing over the till
Bonneville Salt Flats
came to mind
minus the metal
tang of iodine
those eyes of yours
running flat out around the walls
with a mighty whump
the sound of your
bursting chute
upon my masterpiece
in monochromatic tones
self-portrait set
in a receding landscape
of atmospheric perspective
leaving you with
the intended
a frozen pond
a polished floor
a black ice curve
your gaze in
a glancing blow
your one and only visit
from time to time
I’d catch you peering in
or trying to fathom
the man drowning
in the window. 

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