Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Saturate Before Using

Something Fine
or Jackson Browne, Ingrid Bergman and Debra Winger
Argue Over The Check

Now if you see Morocco I know you’ll go in style
the one blocked out on story board
during location scouting
for The Sheltering Sky
dun palette to set a mood
beneath creamy whites
and buttery strokes of ochre
vermillion smeared here and there
a fez perhaps or glint
from a caravan topping a dune
glimpsed in watery mirage.
Drain all color and plump the look with lush
gray scale formaldehyde
a béchamel and beetle black
Casablanca plated in silver gelatin
shadowy corners hiding
small round tables
and clinking glasses
the scrape of my chair muffled
the waiters eyes accustomed to the dark
the afternoon paying out
like shimmering net from a slow drum seiner. 
I may not see Morocco for a little while. 

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