Monday, July 1, 2013

Eye on the ball


An eternity spent back peddling
on your lofted rocket
through leafy canopy
that unruly summer mob
teeming careless at the ragged edges
on slender stems
chastened with autumn
pooling gold while I wade gloved
through swirling eddies trailing
around parked cars
losing the ball
against chalk white skies
stricken with dripping black latticework
misjudging the parabolic frown
to the jaunty advertising jingle of robins
hawking spring
like it was something new and improved
snagging the ball
on the run in the webbing at the curb
spackled green and off my stride
for the return throw
taking time to plant my feet and read the Braille
of the stitching
a farewell note
assuring me in the post script
you remembered to pack your glove. 

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