Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How They Got In My Boxers I'll Never Know

Painting Squirrels In My Boxers

The view through the window
inspires me to paint
the landscape in my boxers
perfect ellipse of my coffee cup
sidled up to solvent
settling out
in an old navy bean can
tireless loop of infinity
a distracting abstraction  
this early in the day
a simple minded suitor
courting a rising sun
clutching a dead bouquet of brushes
spattered ferrules
sprouting frazzled bellies
free hand bushwhacking
bed flattened razzmatazz
kneading my jowly countenance
all as prelude to loading this brush with alluvial mud
wincing as I stab
a mob of squirrels
zinging crisscross
over the green smear of morning. 

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