Thursday, October 31, 2013

I remember it all

A Life

Here’s the rock and roll memoir  

I’d like to read:

It was loud
I didn’t like Bill
our first drummer

or was he third?

The riffs, I stole  
the words, written
by a callow youth
torment me
to this day like
a swarm of

                                                wet bees

the body of
my obituary
written by interns
at Rolling Stone
lays waiting

for a call

I don’t remember
(in no particular order)

where the name of
the band came from
the outcome
                                                of the lawsuits
what happened
                                                in Dallas
                                                a song cycle about Madame Curie
                                                in ambulances, limos, helicopters
marriage to 
                                                Margaret Trudeau
                                                Burton Cummings, and

if you say we played
Farm Aid twice, well, then
I guess you would know

I can’t piss standing up or
hear a word you’re saying and
my doctor says
we simply must
get a handle on
my liver before
we even begin
to think about

                                                          lungs, but

I’m booked to play
our first three albums
in their entirety
live in February
at the Beacon Theater
with the New York Philharmonic and
our original bassist
Ian somebody
with scheduled interviews
on Fresh Air and Imus and
a concert film

by Jim Jarmusch.  

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