Friday, November 15, 2013

Welcome, sincerely

Welcome To Walgreen’s

It’s still early when I stop in
for my Friday New York Times.
Still, so very still
up well lit slot canyons
carved deep into strata
of Pain Relief and Laxatives
Ointments and thirty-packs
of Bud Light, Seasonal animatronics
enough to support an insanity plea.
One old woman, held in tableau
clutching a purse to the placket
of her fluted black coat
radiates a faith
worthy of your vilest penitent  
before a Covenant Ark
of anti-inflammatories
Still Crazy After All These Years
piped in to set a mood.
Still, you found the time
for the warmest of greetings
as I walked in, not
the stillborn kind
you’d expect at your CVS
or your Costco
bestowing same on one and all
even the busy, babbling
Bluetooth man.
But be still
my heart at checkout
as if a heartfelt welcome
was somehow insufficient
in these spiritually bereft times.
Did I find everything I was looking for?
You bet I did indeed and more. 

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