Friday, June 6, 2014

Catch, revision


An eternity spent back peddling
On your lofted rocket through
Unruly mobs of leafy canopy

Teeming green at the ragged
Edges, frowzy on slender stems
Chastened one by one in dying

Light, pooling gold where
I waded gloved, judging
Then misjudging parked cars

Engulfed in swirling eddies
Only to lose the ball
Against chalk white skies

Stricken with glazed black lattice
Tracking the parabolic frown
To jaunty robins hawking spring

Like it was something new
Under the sun, making the snag
At the curb, in the webbing, on the fly

Off my stride for the return
Throw, taking time to plant
My feet and read the Braille of 

Infinite stitching, a farewell 
Note to say you hadn’t
forgotten to pack your glove. 

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