Friday, October 31, 2014


Period Ending

What I remember from the period
ending February sixteen nineteen
seventy-five would fit inside the o
near the end of Filippo’s with room to

spare for all the beer we drank on the sly
late nights on the kitchen crew with space left
over for seventeen dollars ninety-
eight cents, my net pay for the period

ending one cold gray winter day.   Seven
hours and thirty minutes at two sixty
five an hour comes out to one hundred and
sixty hours thirty minutes to spare

in a period ending aimless two
days after Valentines Day, a few weeks
into winter semester at Macomb
Community College where I studied

patterns in the acoustic ceiling tile
when I wasn’t reading Kurt Vonnegut
in the solitude of the library. 
Cat’s Cradle has gone brittle and yellow

as the pay stub that fluttered free last week
returned to announce one dollar sixteen
cents paid to FICA will be mine all mine
a few short years from now and once again

exhort me to Detach Retain, advice
I still find ambiguous sitting by
this window, dusk erasing my dog eared
Vonnegut in the period ending. 

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