Friday, December 19, 2014

Bull Dozed

Tear Down

Look for signs
At your own risk if you ask me
Disappointment at the very least
You could be courting

Eyes to the sky
Ear to the ground or cupped
Listening for the sound of trumpets
Played with Divine embouchure

Will leave you open to the tart
Tongues of neighborhood wags
Dogs being the safer bet
Three turns before bedding down

On the braided rug but a quaint vestige
Robins better still
Glowing embers torching lawns
Burning the filthy hem of winter in flight

Take the tear down on Altadena 
Yard and driveway  
Tagged blue and yellow  
Trees amputated at the ankle

Stumps worn down with market logic
Curbside breadline of black plastic bags
Three legged chair with a stiff upper lip
A one eyed teddy bear

Pink as sin
Among bus stop rabble
Waiting for a lift to the landfill
A keen eyed observer

He saw this coming long ago
While you were busy
Knee to knee with gypsies
Divining delicate bones of flightless birds.

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