Wednesday, January 7, 2015

knock twice


I’m not surprised to hear
About your tryst with Hedy Lamarr
Trap shooting with General Omar Bradley
The over and under
With the hand tooled stock a gift
From Eddy Arnold or Louis Lamour
Or possibly Tennessee Ernie Ford
It’s hard to be certain
With Miss Ludmilla
The heavy accent, the constant hum
Of her dehumidifier

Thanks but no thanks
Let’s let the Mysteries of the Universe
Remain just that
Shall we?
Though I know you’re dying
To dish
Thank you for not levitating 
The table or blowing out the candles
Parlor tricks beneath you besides
There’s that bad back of yours

Let’s let the sleeping dogs
Of the post war years lie
Impressionistic aluminum plant
Clumsy lines of a surveyor’s transit and theodolite
Mere art
For art’s sake
No need to draw me a picture

I’ve dropped by unannounced
A couple of times
Just passing through
As they say
A lie made inconvenient by ocean
On three sides
My heart pining for the Midwest
You left, never once
As they say
Looking back
Perhaps it’s coincidence
But you never seem to be at home

A gasp from Miss L
Eyes rolled back
The cowl of her chins
Relaxing at the crossroads
Of her pilled shawl
Tells me my time is up
My question carried away long ago
On the cresting Big Muddy
Where once we stood waist deep
Until you took the plunge
Your answer perhaps snagged 
Downstream or bitten back, enough
To choke a horse.

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