Monday, May 11, 2015



Old yellow folder, flour
tortilla soft, spine and edge

gilt with velvet whisker
laden as a honey bee leg

with stinging missives
gloved in yawning pockets

Veterans Administration boilerplate
market tested gloss and gauze

The Cloisters At The Lake Of The Pines
The Abbots On Tarry ‘Ere Twilight Meadow

strychnine tang of Medicaid guidelines
flinch of a sleepy Living Will

thrust blinking into limelight.
Plain as a Shaker’s bonnet

sized to fit notes for a Rotary
speech or bittersweet poems

that toe the ledge below the wall
we’ve hugged ever so long

but not so long as Lincoln
coloring outside the lines

of his cramped death bed.
Durable Power of Attorney

sprawls, showing a bit of leg
tattoo of your shaky signature

enough blanket to turn perfect
hospital corners with plenty

left over to gather at your chin
witness every breath, cadence

a deep well, words on the page
receding faster than I can read them.

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