Friday, May 15, 2015

travel log


The snakes were here by the grace of God
but knowing Him, He set them down while He fiddled
around with an Egyptian plague, forgetting where He’d left them.

The Navy brought mongooses to eat all the snakes
so they could relax and shell the sunrise coast in peace
but a mongoose, he got to eat, as any chicken farmer will tell you. 

Spain sent Church and State astride the horse, but when conquistador and cleric
dismounted to take in a sunset from Punta Arenas, the sea breeze whispered 
soft and sweet to a restless stallion and his starry eyed mare. 

Ticks in the grass, indifferent to bombs, bitter on the mongoose tongue
bloated equestrians, each and every one, blithe captives of nothing
but the cold blue Atlantic and the turquoise bath of the Caribbean Sea. 

Bored by the endless cycle of creation and destruction, inspired perhaps
to beauty or by niggling guilt, God unveiled the egret, elegant in its simplicity
with a taste for tick and a knack for lazy symbiosis. 

The Malec√≥n sways with rhythms we won’t bring back in our bags, a drink down
the street from the old United Fruit Company dock, a short stroll to sugar mill ruins
unhurried drivers nodding to afro-son, waiting for horses to make their way. 

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