Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Liberty Ship

The boat bound for Luzon
That bore you into tomorrow
Somewhere east of the Marshall Islands
Was a rust bucket out of San Francisco
Riding high at anchor
When a blacked out train
Pulled out of Macon
On schedule to ferry you
Over the Colorado
West of Durango
In two days time. 
A Liberty Ship
Maybe she ended up
In the green ’52 Buick
That spirited you across
Oklahoma and Texas griddle
Or one of thirty
Years of rigs  
That stole you away to hump
Chryslers to Akron and Scranton and Wheeling.  
My desire for narrative symmetry
Locates some reconstituted
Element of the old tub
In the power boats you gunned
Across Anchor Bay
The tandem Cummings diesel
That pulled the R.V.
Down to Kissimmee.
The Liberty Ship
Delivering on a promise
Time and time again
Unsung trace alloy, perhaps
In the last rung of the ladder
That conveyed you up
To the terminal beat of your heart. 

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