Thursday, July 28, 2016

Heroes one and all.....

Here’s To Great Men

Here’s to Pat Buchanan great
thinker of thoughts on the Right
thanks for putting into context slaves
who built our House of White.

Here’s to Roger Ailes
Nixon man with the soul of Don Draper
told old white men what to think, said “why not”
when he mused “hmm, should I rape her?

Here’s to Donald J., more loathsome than a warty
toad, sweet on bare chested V. Putin
cozy with all his Klan boyfriends, now back
to your padded cell DJT, time for thorazine. 


Sunday, July 10, 2016

Standpipe: Delivering Water In Flint

A grand old brick colonial with swinging gutters and curling shingles.  The side door is wide open behind locked steel crime gate.  I bang on the heavy frame, announce myself.  A chair scrapes, the floor groans.  A cooking smell sifts through the steel bars.  An obese man appears on the top step.  I can’t see his face clearly in the dark alcove off the kitchen.  He is eating something soft the color of spray foam insulation, excess clinging to his cheek and lip.  He wears baggy shorts, flip flops and a large silver sidearm holstered on his hip, nothing else.  He gestures to leave the water on the driveway near the door.  I contemplate, briefly, asking is that thing loaded and immediately feel foolish.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Standpipe: Delivering Water To Flint

AQUAhydrate, a California water bottling company, donates bottled water to Flint residents.  Sean Combs and Mark Walhberg invest in and promote the pricey brand.  The water is known here as “Diddy Water”.  Someone tells me on days when AQUAhydrate is available free at city wide state-run distribution pods, demand quickly exceeds supply, creating tension between residents and water workers.  Diddy Water I’m told, is a valuable underground commodity with strong social media legs.  What distinguishes water inside AQUAhydrate bottles from Flint tap is the set up to a bad joke, from water bottled by the competition is anyone’s guess.