Saturday, August 27, 2016

So it goes

Rump of Summer

Summer is dressed in her finest, a day spent on the beach
Shoreline stroll in a black burkini, a walk out on the reach
But fall arrives with a nightstick to roust out all the crooks
Take it off gals or go back home, give those nuns the hook

Donald Trump is off his meds, his rocker and the rails
Breitbart soars in media-world, alt-white the color of its sails
Ugly game within a game, give Crooked Hillary the booby prize
Trump aims higher, Orwell-land, where two plus two is five.

Hillary Clinton wants my vote, got it stashed in a pickle jar
They snuck in wearing bandit masks when I was at the bar
Ransacked the place, her gang of thieves, Bill and some Wall Street thugs,
She got my vote but I drew the line when she came back for a hug.

Our Revolution, the flame still burns bright, Bernie he’s our man
Hot like a blintz on Clinton’s rear, but for Wasserman, it was in the can
Jeff Weaver at the wheel, twenty-seven dollar donations on the gas
Can’t this thing go faster? Jettison some staffers and top it off with cash.    

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