Thursday, January 12, 2012



Clothes Make the Man, your slogan, although Laugh
And the World Laughs With You or If You Want

Something Done Right Do It Yourself are both
applicable.  You wouldn’t object to

First Impressions Count but might be chagrined
by The Man Who Has His Health Has It All. 

You Can’t Take It With You is true enough
judging by the contents of the closet

you left behind.  You Can’t Make A Silk Purse
Out Of A Sow’s Ear, your concise, pithy

fall back position from efforts to teach
me to dress for success.  The last straw may

have been the visit to Hughes and Hatcher,
your haberdasher of choice.  You searched the

racks for a smart sport coat suitable for
a nine year old while I gawked at the birds

and monkeys captive in the two story
glass terrarium at the center of

an orbit of slacks, shirts, suits and ties.  The
monkeys were nonchalant as they sized me

up, indifferent to aphorism, smug
beasts, naked, alive, swinging from the trees.

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