Monday, February 27, 2012

The World's Best Cheeseburgers

The World’s Best Cheeseburgers

You’d be surprised to learn that they operate
out of a nondescript warehouse on
a cul-de-sac in a trackless
industrial park on the periphery of
some cookie cutter suburb in some
middling hub city somewhere in the Midwest,

a windowless building with a net-less
backboard bolted to the wall near a rear
side door a few steps away from a pipe
and plank picnic table chained to a

coniferous tree offering little
in the way of shade, not at all what you’d
expect given the critical nature
of their job, an irony on a scale you

could appreciate, on par with the
scads of drone operators in
un-tucked polo shirts sipping Diet Cokes
in cubicles somewhere near Las Vegas,

stepping outside to smoke, propping a back
door open with a dun colored rock,
but just as secretive, perhaps even
more so, at work day in and day out doing

whatever it is they do, all with an
unseen hand, applying arcane algorithms,
employing units of weights and measures,
analyzing materials at the

molecular level, consulting,
if need be, oracles and tumbled
vertebrate, all with an eye toward making
a definitive determination

suitable for signage let’s say, in the
window of some godforsaken diner on
a secondary road running through a
transitional neighborhood of a core

city somewhere within the sprawl of
a Mid-Atlantic metropolitan
region, a hand lettered sign that
proudly states, in this case anyway,
“The World’s Best Cheeseburgers”, a small
testament to these unsung, nameless hero’s.


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